The Countdown

When the clock struck 00h00 on Saturday 31st December, so too began a countdown of a more ominous kind. 

Images of lazy days in pyjamas on the couch with a book, spaghetti-strap sunburn from days spent in the sun, the freedom of doing your grocery shop at 11 in the morning, morning gym sessions followed by sleep-ins flashed past my eyes.  These were soon replaced with images of 3o juniors making the transition from ‘small fish’ to ‘big fish’ with the attitude to match, a one-speed fan in a cell-sized classroom overcrowded with 30 sweaty pubescent kids, red pens and arthritic fingers, losing your voice in week one, and making the change from strapless tops to cap sleeves and knee-length skirts.

The metaphoric storm cloud hanging over friends and family enjoying their summer day.

But the silver lining, for the nerd-type that gets excited at the prospect of such things, I get to go stationery shopping.  At the end of every metaphoric storm, there is a rainbow.

“Good teaching is one-forth preparation and three-fourths theater.”
Gail Godwin

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