Deck the Halls

Considering I’m pretty new to the blogging world, one would no doubbt expect an onslaught of self-reflexive posts, pondering life as I know it. 
Such self-indulgence is but a mere luxury as a teacher in December.  There is the tedious task of marking exams ad nauseum, not-no-nice report comments to be disguised in euphemism, classrooms to be cleared of a year’s worth of teenage trash (read: lunchboxes filled with mouldy fruit, letters written in pretty pink, sports kit abandoned – P.E is after all only a free lesson)!  Seemingly insignificant little tasks, but time-consuming and soul-sucking.
Yes, there’s been a drought in BlogLand, but as I hear the impending storm rolling in, so too have the BlogLand clouds burst forth. 
I married a Scrooge.  In fact, I was fathered by a Scrooge too.  Apparently its true what the all-knowing ‘they’ say – you do indeed marry your dad!  But I am not one to be deterred, and my in-your-face love of Christmas can only be ignored for so long.  The house has been Christmas-fied; the dogs lost amongst green fir leaves, baubles and the smell of burning candles.  The neighbours have been subjected to tinsel and shiny things, and the electricity bill just increased exponentially.  Oh Handsome One finally succumbed to the joy that is Christmas and filled my advent calender with some of my very favourite spoils.  Awkward Amy bounces along the shoulder-to-shoulder supermarket aisles to Boney-M and sings along tunelessly to Michael Buble’s carols in the safety of her own home where no-one can judge.  The only thing that has been missing in the build up to Christmas is an actual Christmas-Carol-Singing outing, followed by mince pies and hot chocolate.   To be remedied this fine Summer’s eve.
Blast this Christmas music.  It’s joyful and triumphant.
– The Grinch

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