Spring: in sights and smells

Spring is a special season.  Not in the tree-hugging, hippie-loving sense, but because it is the season which plays host to a particularly important birthday. 

So, because birthdays are about the joy of receiving (if we’re going to be honest with ourselves), I thought I’d do a bit of giving (the free gift-kind of giving of course!) simply because this comes uncomfortably close to another well-known season of giving; the kind that puts strain on your purse. 

Who doesn’t love the sights and smells of Spring? Enjoy!

1. Spring Storms

The clouds come over and the trees turn a virulent shade of putrid green to the soundtrack of deep-throated rumbling.

[picture credit: angelrays]

2.  Swallows

The eaves above our front door are currently being rented out to the most gracious of lessees.  Beautiful and an honour? Yes!  But it turns out all new-borns are poo-making machines.  A small price to pay.

[photo credit: weheartit.com]

3. Mowed lawn

The tangy smell of freshly-mowed grass.

[photo credit: pfranzme.wordpress.com]

4. Fallen jacaranda flowers

The lush purple carpet at the base of the tree.  The not-so-lush lilac-brown-slush that results from driving over them in your rush to make that morning meeting.

[photo credit: embodyjoy.wordpress.com] 


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